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Clear, Simple, and Empowering – Hear Every Word

Essence Audiology is proud to feature Oricom Amplified Phones, combining innovative design with user-friendly features to empower those with hearing challenges. Discover how Oricom phones transform everyday communication with their superior sound amplification and easy-to-use interfaces.

Understanding Oricom's Care Phones

Oricom’s Care Phones are crafted with your needs in mind, offering high-quality amplified sound and simple controls to make staying in touch effortless and enjoyable.

Featured Oricom Amplified Phones

Oricom Care80S: Picture Perfect Dialling

The Oricom Care80S is designed for utmost simplicity, featuring big buttons and picture dialling, ideal for those who value ease and quick connection.

Key Features:

  • Big button design for effortless dialling.
  • Picture dialling for quick recognition and memory aid.
  • Amplified sound ensures clear conversations.
  • Learn more about the Care80S and its features.
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Oricom Care100: Amplification Meets Elegance

Experience elegance and enhanced sound with the Care100, perfect for those who seek clarity in conversation without compromising on style.

Key Features:

  • High contrast big buttons for ease of use.
  • Compatible with hearing aids.
  • Boosted audio for loud and clear sound.
  • Discover the sophisticated Care100 and its benefits.

Oricom Care920-1: Freedom with Clarity

The Care920-1 combines the freedom of a cordless handset with the clarity of amplified sound, delivering an exceptional communication experience.

Key Features:

  • Cordless handset for mobility around your home.
  • Large, high-contrast buttons for intuitive use.
  • Amplified volume with a visual ring indicator.
  • Explore the versatile Care920-1 and how it can work for you.

Why Choose Oricom Amplified Phones?


Innovative Technology

Oricom phones incorporate the latest advancements in sound amplification and clarity.


User-Friendly Design

Large buttons, clear displays, and easy navigation define every model.


Hearing Aid Compatibility

Our phones are designed to work flawlessly with your hearing aids.


Reliable Performance

Dependable and durable, Oricom phones are built to last.

Find Your Perfect Oricom Phone

Not sure which Oricom phone is right for you? Our experts at Essence Audiology are here to help you select the perfect model that fits your lifestyle and meets your hearing needs.

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