Enhanced Communication with Amplified and Captioning Phones

Amplified and Captioning Phones for Crystal-Clear Conversations

At Essence Audiology, we understand that clear communication is vital to staying connected with your world. That’s why we offer a premium selection of amplified and captioning phones designed specifically for those experiencing hearing difficulties. With cutting-edge technology and innovative features, our phones ensure that every word is heard and understood, enhancing your everyday interactions and providing the clarity you deserve.

Why Choose Amplified and Captioning Phones?


Amplification for Better Listening

Our amplified phones boost the volume and clarity of phone calls, making it easier for you to engage in conversations without straining to hear.


Real-Time Captioning for Assurance

Captioning phones display every word the caller says in real-time text, offering you the assurance that you won’t miss out on important details during your conversations.


Customizable Settings for Personal Comfort

With adjustable tone settings and personalised volume controls, our phones can be fine-tuned to match your unique hearing preferences.

Explore Our Range

Konnekt: Simplicity Meets Innovation

Embrace the simplicity of Konnekt’s one-touch calling, combined with powerful amplification and live captioning, for the ultimate communication experience.
Discover more about Konnekt and its transformative features here.

Oricom: Making Life Easier

With an easy-to-use range of products, Oricom are reliable experts providing certainty and independence to assist people with their unique needs. Dedicated to delivering greater choice and high-quality products at affordable prices, Oricom works closely with leading manufacturers to design and create communication products that are second to none, ensuring innovative design and excellent product performance.
Learn about Oricom’s innovative approach to sound enhancement here.

Ready to Hear the Difference?

Take the next step towards enhanced daily communication. Explore our products and find the perfect phone to amplify your life. Or, if you prefer a more personalised approach, schedule a consultation with our experts at Essence Audiology, and let us guide you to the ideal solution tailored just for you.

Let’s turn up the volume on life together. Because at Essence Audiology, your ability to communicate with ease is our utmost priority.